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The most recent regular municipal election was April 2, 2019. Mayor and 3 At-Large seats were up for vote. A runoff only applies to Mayor should no candidate garner 50% plus 1 votes. A runoff was avoided with Mayor John Suthers' re-election, getting over 70% of the total vote.

The next regular municipal election is April 6th, 2021. 6 District seats will be up for vote, with councilors in District 1, 5, and 6 termed out. A runoff will not apply in this election as only Mayor is subject to runoff. Mayor will next be up in 2023, with current Mayor John Suthers termed out.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Contact us to pass along info or to ask how to become a volunteer researcher.


Council: 6 Rep, 2 Unaffiliated, 1 Dem Mayor: Rep County: El Paso School Districts: Academy 20, Cheyenne Mountain 12, Colorado Springs 11, Ellicott 22, Falcon 49, Fountain 8, Harrison 2, Manitou Springs 14, Widefield 3 State House: HD 14, HD 15, HD 16, HD 17, HD 18, HD 20 State Senate: SD 9, SD 10, SD 11, SD 12 Congressional: CD 5 (R)


City Council

Contact entire council:

  • Phone: (719) 385-5986
  • Fax: (719) 385-5495
  • Email:

Title Name Party Next Election
Contact 2019 Margin 2017 Margin 2015 Margin 2013 Margin 2011 Margin
Mayor John Suthers
(Official Bio)
Republican 2023 (719) 385-5900
61.21% (72.89%) 1
Juliette Parker 11.68%
John Pitchford 10.31%
Lawrence Martinez 5.17%
1 (Runoff avoided)
At-Large Merv Bennett
(Wayne Williams, incoming)
Republican 2023 (719) 385-5469
1 (See expanded results)
(Merv Bennett)

(Merv Bennett)
At-Large Bill Murray
(Official Bio)
(Left Dem party after 2016 election)
Termed Out
(719) 385-5485
Facebook Page
1 (See expanded results)
At-Large Tom Strand
(Official Bio)
Republican 2023
Termed Out
(719) 385-5486
1 (See expanded results)
District 1 Don Knight
(Official Bio)
Republican 2021
(Will be termed out)
(719) 385-5487
District 2 David Geislinger
(Official Bio)
Republican 2021 (719) 385-5493
District 3 Richard Skorman
Council President
(Official Bio)
(Was Sen. Ken Salazar's regional director)
2021 (719) 385-5470
District 4 Yolanda Avila
(Official Bio)
Democrat 2021 (719) 385-5492
District 5 Jill Gaebler
President Pro-Tem
(Official Bio)
Republican 2021
(Will be termed out)
(719) 385-5483
District 6 Andy Pico
(Official Bio)
Republican 2021
(Will be termed out)
(719) 385-5491

Expanded Historical Election Results

Seat 2019 Results 2017 Results 2015 Results 2013 Results
At-Large Wayne Williams - 45,687 votes
Bill Murray (i) - 30,137 votes
Tom Strand (i) - 29,919 votes

Gordon Klingenschmitt - 27,063 votes
Terry Martinez - 25,974 votes
Tony Gioia - 19,721 votes
Regina English - 18,737 votes
Athen Roe - 16,769 votes
Val Snider - 14,118 votes
Dennis Spiker - 9,334 votes
Randy Tuck - 6,563 votes

Local Media

2019 Election

April 2nd, 2019 will see Mayor and all 3 At-Large seats up for vote. Mayor is subject to Instant Runoff, should no single candidate receive 50% plus 1 votes.

Should a mayoral runoff take place, it will occur May 21st, 2019.

The runoff system does not apply to city council seats.

There will also be one ballot measure for the city. Should the ballot measure pass, it will grant uniformed firefighters within the city collective bargaining rights.

Official City Links

News Coverage


Seat Name Party Issues Endorsements/Info Contact Questionaiires/Interviews
 Mayor. Must be 50% plus one or more in the General, or goes to Runoff
Mayor John Suthers (i) Republican Official COS Mayor Twitter Website
Mayor Lawrence Martinez Unaffiliated
(Former Republican)
Potential rematch run
Ran for 2018 GOP nom for El Paso County Commissioner; did not make primary ballot
Website (Not up)
Mayor Juliette Parker Unaffiliated LinkedIn Website
Mayor John Pitchford (Cannot Confirm, but major donor of Republican candidates and causes) Originally filed for At-Large
Primarily self-funded
Army vet and retired doctor
Registered agent for conservative 527 political org Fair Play Colorado
IEC was 100% self-funded and was expended primarily on postcards. No mention of specific candidates or issues supported.
Website (Not up)
Email (Another Email)
 At-Large Councilors. Pick 3.
At-Large Bill Murray (i) Republican Facebook
Blog from 2015
Archive of 2015 Website
At-Large Tom Strand (i) Republican Official Policy Page
"add more police officers, tackle the city’s stark affordable housing shortage and boost Utilities’ solar portfolio"
Prevuously served on Colorado Springs 11 school board
Voted for Hillary Clinton for President, with reservations
Ran to primary Congressman Doug Lamborn, but dropped out months before the assembly process
"Strand, who was a registered Democrat until last year before joining the Republican Party (only to become unaffiliated and then rejoin the GOP in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election), hopes to offer a moderate choice for voters. He supports the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade and believes abortion should be a woman’s choice and isn’t against same sex marriage."
Online Contact Form
At-Large Regina English Democrat Facebook
At-Large Tony Gioia Republican Official Issues Page El Paso County Planning Commissioner (2012-2018)
Online Contact Form
Gazette Profile
At-Large Gordon Klingenschmitt Republican Issues Page Faith Blog Klingenschmitt runs
"My main concern is that our city has gone to the left, especially with regard to over-taxation. This is Colorado Springs. We are a conservative town. This is not Boulder."
Conservatives Against Gordon Klingenschmitt Facebook, run by Laura Carno of the Independence Institute
At-Large Terry Martinez Democrat Full Platform Official List of Endorsements
Current COS councilors Yolanda Avila, Richard Skorman, Jill Gaebler
State Sen. Pete Lee
State Rep. Marc Snyder
Fmr. COS Councilor Jan Martin
At-Large Athena Roe Republican 2018 Leadership Program of the Rockies alum
LinkedIn (Another LinkedIn)
Ran for GOP nom for HD 18 in 2016. Approved to circulate petition, but campaign terminated in April.
Author, Robbed: Understanding the Game of Diversion During Health Care and Estate Administration
At-Large Val Snider (Cannot confirm) LinkedIn
Fmr. At-Large Councilor (2011-2015)
Chose not to run for reelection
At-Large Dennis Spiker (Need more info)
(Attended Women's March and boosting CASA)
LinkedIn Website (Given in affidavit, but not up)
At-Large Randy Tuck Democrat Owner of Kind Therapeutics, a pot dispensary
Coverage of 420 in 2015
Spoke in opposition of 6 month pot moratorium in 2015
Online Contact Page
At-Large Wayne Williams Republican Announcement
Campaign Registered Agent is Marge Klein of Leadership Program of the Rockies
Colorado Secretary of State (2015-2019)
El Paso County Clerk & Recorder (2011-2015)
El Paso County Commissioner (2003-2011)
Strong rumor he will run for Mayor in 2023.
Holly Williams, his wife, became an El Paso County Commissioner in 2019
Website (Has SoS items, but was the website in the filing)

(i) = incumbent

Ballot Initiatives

Collective Bargaining for All Uniformed Fire Department Employees

Text with the All-Caps removed and bullet points added for easier reading. Actual text remains.

Shall the charter of the City of Colorado Springs be amended by the addition of a new Article XVI thereto granting collective bargaining rights to all uniformed city fire employees except for the fire chief and his direct reports, and specifically:

  • Providing that such employees shall have the right to select and remove an employee organization to serve as the sole and exclusive bargaining representative.
  • To bargain on behalf of such employees for a collective bargaining agreement with the city as employer, concerning all matters related to such employees' wages, salaries, monetary payments, employer-paid health insurance, employer-paid accident, life and disability insurance, employer-paid pension programs including the amount of pension and contributions, employer-offered deferred compensation, health insurance for retired fire employees, paid time off, uniform and equipment allowances, employer-¬paid expense reimbursement, hours of work, safety, and all other terms and conditions of employment of such employees.
  • Providing for the term of collective bargaining agreements of not less than one (1) year nor longer than three (3) years.
  • Providing that in the event of impasse between the city and the exclusive bargaining agent regarding any issues, the issues are to be submitted to a fact-finder selected from a list provided by an arbitration organization unless the city and exclusive bargaining agent mutually agree to use someone not on the arbitration organization list, with the fact-finder to be selected by agreement between the exclusive bargaining representative and the city.
  • Providing and limiting the factors that the fact-finder must consider in his or her decision.
  • Providing that if either the city or the collective bargaining representative does not accept the decision of the fact-finder on any issue, that issue shall be presented to and decided by the voters only at a special municipal election, with the cost of the special election to be paid by the party not accepting the fact¬finder's decision, unless both parties reject the fact-finder's decision, in which case the cost of election is shared equally, and with each issue to be submitted as a separate ballot question.
  • And providing that any adopted appropriations ordinance of the city shall be amended as necessary to comply with and pay for the cost to the city of the accepted recommendations from the fact-finder or the election results on each issue?

Campaign Finance

Official Search for Campaign Finance Info

Upcoming Reporting dates:

  • May 2, 2019


As of March 30th, 2019.

Seat Name Party Total Contributions Total Expenditures Total Cash On Hand Total IECs Notable Individuals
(Candidate Loans/Donations)
Mayor John Suthers (i) Republican $183,052.00
(As of Jan 2, 40% of donations come from Broadmoor zip code)
$141,130.31 $87,081.29
(Carried over $45,159.60 from previous campaign)
$5,000 The O'Neil Group Company, LLC - $10,000
Colorado Springs Auto Dealers Association - $5,000
The Broadmoor - $5,000
Kathy Loo - $4,000
The Housing and Building Association of Colo - $2,000
Mayor Lawrence Martinez
(Not even listed on data page)
(Former Republican)
Mayor Juliette Parker Unaffiliated $17,250 $1,999.69 $15,250.31 $16,000 - Candidate Loan
Mayor John Pitchford
(Transferred from original At-Large run)
(Cannot Confirm, but major donor of Republican candidates and causes) $105,424.00 $22,800.23 $82,623.77 $104,163 - Candidate Loan
At-Large Bill Murray (i) Republican $1,100.00 $578.24 $521.76 $500 - Candidate Loan
IAAF Local 5 - $500
At-Large Tom Strand (i) Republican $37,656.12 $37,207.99 $448.13
(Despite incumbency, had $0 starting)
$200 - Candidate Donation
PAC of HBA (Housing and Building Assoc) - $5,000
Pat Hamill - $2,000
Classic Homes (residential home builders) - $1,000
Broadmoor Hotel - $1,000
Danny Mientka - $1,000
Katherine Loo (fmr. city councilor, philanthropist) - $500
Suggs, Michael & Lindsey (real estate broker) - $150
At-Large Regina English
(Uncertain, as reports do not match up)
(No 3/29 filing as of 3/30)
At-Large Tony Gioia Republican $25,970.00 $25,622.32 $1,834.83
(Carried over $1,487.15 from previous campaign)
$100 - Candidate Donation
Political Action Committee of the Housing and Building

Association of Colorado Springs - $5,000
Classic Homes (residential home builders) - $1,000
Pamela Barad - $1,000
Peggy Littleton (Republican County Commissioner - El Paso County; 2016 US Senate candidate) - $50

At-Large Gordon Klingenschmitt Republican $12,387.00 $8,417.62 $3,969.38 $5,000 - Candidate Loan
Charlie Ehler (GOP primary candidate for US Senate 2016, and running for El Paso GOP Chair) - $100
At-Large Terry Martinez Democrat $33,947.36 $28,174.07 $5,773.29 $605 - Candidate Contribution
CSCEW Small Donor (Colorado State Conference of Electrical Workers) - $2,000
Plumbers & Pipefitters Small Donor - $1,500
Richard Skorman (COS councilor) - $250
Matt McGovern (House Majority Project) - $200
Robert Blancken (protested signatures for Helen Collins' recall in 2015) - $100
At-Large Athena Roe
(Uncertain, as reports do not match up)
(Leadership Program of the Rockies)
Andy Pico (COS councilor) - $25
At-Large Val Snider (Cannot Confirm) (Incorrect Filing Posted) (Incorrect Filing Posted) $3,951.25 2,612.15 - Candidate Loans
PAC of HBA (Housing and Building Assoc) - $5,000
Chuck Murphy (Murphy Constructors) - $1,000
At-Large Dennis Spiker
(No 3/29 filing as of 3/30)
(Cannot Confirm) $450 $74.98 $375.02 $100 donated unaccounted for
$250 - Candidate Donation
At-Large Randy Tuck Democrat $11,570.00 $10,178.44 $1,391.56 $200 - Candidate Donation
Altitude Organics (medical marijuana dispensary) - $1,000
At-Large Wayne Williams Republican $55,652.65 $48,683.04 $6,969.61 $1,000 $4,907.65 - Candidate Donation
The Housing and Building Association of Colo - $5,000
Wayne Williams for Colorado (S0S Campaign) - $4,407.65
Classic Homes (residential home builders) - $2,500
Norwood Limited Inc - $2,500
Pat Hamill - $2,000


Name Stance Registered Agent(s) Total Contributions Total Expenditures Total Cash On Hand Total Non-Monetary Contributions Notable Individuals
Firefighters for a Safer Colorado Springs
FOR Firefighter Collective Bargaining Jesse Weddle
(Sec/Tres of Colorado Professional Fire Fighters)
$639,198.00 $595,163.38 $44,034.62 $36,694.43 Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters (IAFF Local 5) - $290,000
Colorado Professional Firefighters - $200,000
International Association of Fire Fighters - $100,000
Colorado Springs Education Association - $1,000
Citizens Against Public Employee Unions AGAINST Firefighter Collective Bargaining Shannon Cordovano
Rachel Beck
Both of the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC
$345,516.18 $343,666.50 $1,849.68 $21,813.48 Colorado Springs Forward - $81,000
Housing and Building Association - $30,500
Folium Biosciences - $25,000
Colorado Springs Auto Dealers Assoc. - $10,000
Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC - $10,000
Issues Mobilization Committee (shares an address with address with the Colorado Association of Realtors and was anti-Denver Green Roof Initiative) - $10,000
Classic Homes (residential home builders) - $10,000
Lynette Crow (Pres. and CEO of Conspire 2 Hire) - $1,000
Gary Loo - $5,000
John Medved - $1,000
William Johannsen (President, C&C Sand and Gravel - $500
Comito Building and Design LLC - $250
John Suthers (Mayor COS) - $200
Sierra Club Local IEC Jim Alexee
Director, Sierra Club, Colorado
$66,000.00 $60,957.95 $5,042.05 $0 Green Advocacy Project - $66,000
AFP Colorado Springs IC
(Americans for Prosperity)
Britton Giroux $0 $0 $0 $24,042.52 Americans for Prosperity are covering all expenses as non-monetary expenditures. Includes mailers/door hangers, canvassing, and digital ads.
Community Leaders of America For John Suthers ($5,000) and Wayne Williams ($1,000) Staci Goede $6,000.00 $6,000.00 $0 $0 Signify North America Corporation - $6,000
Together for Colorado Springs PAC Beverly Ard-Smith $4,140.00 $4,140.00 $0 $ John Weiss (publisher) - $4,140