Cory Gardner

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Cory Scott Gardner, a Republican, is currently the junior U.S. Senator from the state of Colorado, unseating incumbent Mark Udall, a Democrat, by a 2% margin with only 48% of the popular vote in the 2014 election. Previously he served as U.S. Representative to the 4th District, where he also unseated an incumbent Democrat (Betsy Markey). Prior to that he was appointed to the Colorado House of Representatives in District 63, serving from 2005 until 2011.




Private Sector

His parents own and operate Farmers Implements Co. Inc., which has been owned by their family since 1915.

Gardner's personal contributions have been described by Oil & Gas special interest group National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) as:

"He grew up working in his family’s farm implement dealership where he did everything from sweeping the floors to managing the books and ordering inventory."

Nothing much can be found elsewhere, not even on his own official websites.

He also briefly served as a spokesman for the National Corn Growers Association.


His biography is unclear about his private sector background both in terms of scope and timeline, but what is certain is he graduated from law school in 2001 and began working as General Counsel and Legislative Director for then-Senator Wayne Allard in 2002, where he remained until 2005 when he was appointed State Representative to District 63.

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As of October 2017, the NRA has spent $3.9M either in support of Garnder or in opposition to challengers.


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