Glenwood Springs

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The most recent regular municipal election was April 2nd, 2019. Seats in Wards 1, 3, and 4, plus one At-Large seat were up for vote.

The next regular municipal election is April 6th, 2021. Wards 2 and 5, plus one At-Large seat will be up for vote.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Contact us to pass along info or to ask how to become a volunteer researcher.


  • City Council: 3 Unaffiliated, 2 Dem, 2 Rep
  • Mayor: Rep (Mayor is in the council, elected by the council)
  • County: Garfield
  • School Districts: Roaring Fork RE-1
  • State House: HD 57 (R)
  • State Senators: SD 8 (R)
  • Congressional: CD 3 (R)


City Council

Mayor is not an elected position. The council elects the mayor from the council.

Title Name Party Next Election
Contact 2019 Margin 2017 Margin 2015 Margin 2013 Margin 2011 Margin
At-Large Jim Ingraham
(Tony Hershey, incoming)
(Flip to Republican)
2023 619-987-8215
Jim Ingraham
Erika Gibson
1 (Unaffiliated incumbent defeated)
1 Trauger resigned due to work conflicts with the county
2 Jim Ingraham was appointed to fill the vacancy
37.98% (62.32%)
(Kathryn Trauger)
Tony Hershey 24.34
Kathy Williams 13.34
At-Large Shelley Kaup Unaffiliated 2021 970-948-9018
X 1
Ward 1 Steve Davis Republican 2023 970-928-0561
Russ Arensman 40.63
Ward 2 Rick Voorhees Democrat 2021 970-319-0939
X 1 X
Ward 3 Todd Leahy
(Charlie Willman, incoming)
Unaffiliated 2023 970-618-0756

Ksana Oglesby
Jennifer Vanian
(Todd Leahy)
Ward 4 Michael Gamba
(Paula Stepp, incoming)
(Flip to Democrat)
2023 970-945-2550
(Michael Gamba)
Ward 5 Jonathan Godes Democrat 2021 970-379-4248
X 1 X

Local Media

2019 Election

General Election is April 2nd, 2019.

1 At-Large seat is up for vote, along with Wards 1, 3, and 4. Incumbents in Wards 3 and 4 are termed out. Incumbents in Ward 2 and At-Large are running for re-election.


Petitions circulate 91 days before the election; to be returned no later than 71 days prior.

Sample Ballots Election Notice

Seat Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact Questionnaires
At-Large Jim Ingraham (i) Unaffiliated Apppinted to seat in Feb 2018
Guest op-ed
At-Large Erika Gibson Democrat Attorney at Balcomb & Green
Bio with law firm, going into background
Specializes in Water Law, Real Estate & Construction Law, Natural Resources & Environment Law
At-Large Tony Hershey Republican Deputy DA, 9th Judicial District
Previously ran in 2015
Ran in 2007 for Aspen City Council
Served on Aspen City Council late-90s to early-00s
Post Independent - 2015 Candidate Profile
Aspen Public Radio - Candidate Interview 2015 Post Independent - Extensive bio in 2007]
Ward 1 Steve Davis (i)
Republican Facebook
Website (Defunct)
(Archive pulls up a Steve Davis running for US Senate in Georgia in 2010. This is a different Steve Davis, as this Steve Davis moved to Glenwood Springs almost 3 decades ago.)
2015 Candidate Profile
Aspen Public Radio - Candidate Profile 2015
Ward 3 Ksana Oglesby Democrat LinkedIn
Chief Financial Officer at Mountain Valley Developmental Service
Glenwood Springs Financial Advisory Board member
Ward 3 Jennifer Vanian Democrat Community activist
Cache copy of public email made in protest of Bedrock Aspalt in 2012, page 108
Ticketed for raising chickens in 2011
Managed local garden in 2009 (Also)
Part of the 2005 recall effort in Roaring Fork School District RE-1 due to objections in buying commercial property
Ward 3 Charlie Willman Unaffiliated 2017 At-Large candidate
Board of Directors at Mountain Valley Developmental Service
Post Independent - Candidate Profile, 2017
KDNK Radio Interview, 2017
Aspen Public Radio Interview, 2017
Ward 4 Paula Stepp
Democrat Ran as Dem candidate for Garfield County Commissioner District 1 in 2018; lost by 3.56 pts
County Commissioner candidate website

(i) = incumbent

Campaign Finance

Reporting Dates

  • Tuesday March 12th, 2019 (21 days before election)
  • Friday March 29th, 2019 (Friday before election)
  • Thursday May 2nd, 2019 (30 days after election)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cannot find official postings, but found media coverage.

Seat Name Party Total Contributions Total Expenditures Total Cash On Hand Total PACs Notable Individuals
At-Large Jim Ingraham (i) Unaffiliated $4,931 $2,453.98 $2,447.02 Candidate - $900
At-Large Erika Gibson Democrat $900 $826.06 $73.94 Candidate - $900
At-Large Tony Hershey Republican $1,730 $1,683.68 $46.32 Candidate - $1,000
Ward 1 Steve Davis (i) Republican
Ward 3 Ksana Oglesby Democrat $551.85
Ward 3 Jennifer Vanian Democrat $696.98
Ward 3 Charlie Willman Unaffiliated $2,200 $1,660.79 $539.22 Candidate - $250
Some Ingraham supporters
Ward 4 Paula Stepp Democrat

Previous Elections