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HD 30 is currently represented by Dafna Michaelson Jenet (D), first elected in November 2016. The seat flips back and forth between Democrats and Republicans, with margins of victory in the single digits.

HD 30 Overview

HD 30 Demographics

  • ///NOTE: For the Presidential Results, it is labeled as Adams County results, but this is specific to HD 30 results as calculated by the results of its 49 precincts.\\\ There are no 2008 or 2004 results as redistricting occurred after the 2010 census and went into effect in the 2012 election.
Population Median Age Median Household Income Registered Voters Presidential Results (Adams County) Religion (Adams County) Poverty Cost of Living Index Median House Value Median Rent Race Age Education Foreign Born Marital Status Unemployment Air Quality Index
81,441 years

(-36.4 years to CO)

(-$58,823 to CO)

(Republican: 24.4%)
(Democratic: 36.9%)
(Unaffiliated: 38.66%)
2016: Clinton 47.25%
Trump: 44.56%

2012: Obama 53.74%
Romney: 43.95%
None: 70.6%
Catholic: 16%
Evangelical Protestant: 7.8%
Mainline Protestant: 1.6%
Other: 3.9%

White: %
Hispanic/Latino: %
Black: %
Asian: %
Two or More Races: %
Native American: %
Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander: %
Other Race: %
$ White: 43%
Hispanic/Latino: 40.1%
Black: 9.64%
Asian: 4.56%
Two or More Races: 2.2%
Other Race: 0.55%
Older Adult 40-64: %
Younger Adult 22-39: %
Children 0-17: %
Senior 65+: %
College 18-21: %
High School: 28.4%
Some College: 23%
Bachelor's: 15.1%
Some High School: 9.9%
Associate's: 8.3%
Less than High School: 7.4%
Master's: 4.3%
None: 2.5%
Professional: 0.6%
Doctorate: 0.5%
Now married: %
Never married: %
Divorced: %
Widowed: %
Separated: %

HD 30 Representation

Seat Current Representative Next Election 2016 Election 2014 Election 2012 Election 2010 Election
(before redistricting)
HD 30 Dafna Michaelson Jenet Nov. 6th, 2018 8.38% (54.19%)
(Defeated Rep Incumbent)
JoAnn Windholz
Turnout: 70.55%
Undervotes: 9.84%
0.5% (50.3%)
(JoAnn Windholz)
Jenise May 49.7%
(Defeated Dem Incumbent)
Turnout: 48.25%
Undervotes: 8.88%
14.4% (55.2%)
(Jenise May)
(Flipped from GOP)
Mike Sheeley 40.8%
Shea Lantz 4.71% (Libertarian)
Turnout: 66.7%
Undervotes: 8.27%
20.98% (60.49%)
(Kevin Priola)
Laura Huerta 39.51%
Turnout: 68.26%
Undervotes: 3.67%

Current Representative

Dafna Michaelson Jenet - (Official State Legislature Website)

Committee Assignments:

Prime Sponsor on Bills in 2018:

  • HB18-1064 - Training Program Prevention Child Sexual Abuse
  • HB18-1017 - Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact

Sponsor on Bills in 2018:

  • SB18-027 - Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (Awaiting Governor's signature)

Sponsor on Bills in Extraordinary Session 2017:

  • HB17b-1001 - Taxation Of Retail Marijuana Sales (Died in Senate Committee)

Prime Sponsor on Bills in 2017:

  • HB17-1320 - Age Of Consent Outpatient Psychotherapy For Minors (Died in Senate Committee)
  • HB17-1311 - Seller's Disclosure Estimated Future Property Tax (Died in Senate Committee)
  • HB17-1301 - No Withholding Student Transcripts For Library Fines (Became Law)
  • HB17-1280 - Disability Trusts 21st Century Cures Act Language (Became Law)
  • HB17-1149 - Army Special Forces License Plate (Became Law)
  • HB17-1139 - Medicaid Provider Compliance Billing Safety Rules (Became Law)
  • HB17-1126 - Medicaid Appeal Review Legal Notice Requirements (Became Law)
  • HB17-1004 - College Credit For Military Education And Training (Became Law)

Sponsor on Bills in 2017:

  • HB17-1374 - Colorado Heroes Hunting & Fishing Act (Referred to Appropriations)
  • HB17-1328 - Require Candidates To Disclose Income Tax Returns (President & Vice President) (Died in Senate Committee)
  • HB17-1283 - Task Force Child Welfare Worker Resiliency Program (Became Law)
  • HB17-1230 - Protect Colorado Residents From Federal Government Overreach (Died in Senate Committee)
  • HB17-1225 - Electric Regional Transmission Organization Hearing (Died in Senate Committee)
  • HB17-1207 - No Detention Facility Requirement Youth Ages 10-12 (Became Law)
  • HB17-1179 - Immunity For Emergency Rescue From Locked Vehicle (Became Law)
  • HB17-1138 - Hate Crime Reporting By Law Enforcement (Became Law)
  • HB17-1127 - Exempt Feminine Hygiene Products From Sales Tax (Died in House Committee)
  • HB17-1122 - Gender Identification On Birth Certificates (Died in Senate Committee)

Town Halls/Forums

Previous Representatives

Elected in 2014

Joann Windholz, a Republican, was elected in November 2014, defeating Democratic incumbent Jenise May by half a percentage point (0.5%), or by 106 votes.

Dave Perry, and editor of the Aurora Sentinel, wrote an opinion piece on January 29th, 2016 that demanded Windholz's resignation. This was done after a petition with 63,000 signatures from registered voters within Adams County was delivered to the Capitol. These demands were spurned by comments by Windholz on her Facebook page that were viewed as insensitive in the immediate aftermath of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting in late-November 2015, which claimed 3 lives (including a responding police officer) and injured a further 9 (including 5 police officers).

Windholz's statement screenshot:

Joann winholz facebook PP.jpg

The Facebook post has since been deleted.

Elected in 2012

2018 Election

No primary seen at this time, as the only candidates declared (as of 11/30/17) are the Democratic incumbent Dafna Michaelson Jenet and an Unaffiliated challenger, Edwardo Quinonez. No Republican has yet declared a candidacy, though notably Republican challengers have not filed their candidacy until March of the election year (2012, 2014).



Party Name Issues Focused On Selected Experience Endorsements Campaign Contact Info
Democrat Dafna Michaelson Jenet (i) Mental Health
Small Business
Neighborhood Schools
Veterans Programs
Full Resume via LinkedIn
President, The Journey Institute
Social Media and Community Engagement Coordinator, National Parent Leadership Institute
Organizer, TedxCrestmoorPark
Daniels Scholarship Selection Committee (Volunteer)
Online Contact Form
Republican Susan Kochevar LinkedIn Page
Owner of the 88 Drive-In Theatre for 42 years
Ran twice unsuccessfully for HD 29 in 2016 and 2014
Leadership Program of the Rockies Grad and Advisory Board
Chairman, Colorado Republican Business Coalition
Guested on Americhicks podcasts: (1/22/18), (8/22/17)
Rush to Reason podcast transcript (3/3/16)
Supports Trump's tax bill
Wrote Editorial on Independence Institute publication (8/21/17)
Signed gun safety-related petitions with Colorado Senate Republicans
Spoke at Tax Cuts Now IRS Building Event (1/12/18)
Unaffiliated Edwardo Quinonez Email
Libertarian Jeff Wilson Previously ran for Aurora City Council Ward II (5.79% of the vote)
Ward II Website
Ward II Facebook
Ballotpedia Entry

(i) = incumbent


These are for issues specific to the concerns of those who reside in HD 30.

Party Candidate Healthcare Infrastructure TABOR Environment Education
Democrat Dafna Michaelson Jenet (i)
Republican Susan Kochevar
Unaffiliated Edwardo Quinonez
Libertarian Jeff Wilson

Campaign Finance

The 2018 campaign election cycle dates are between 12/9/2016 and 12/6/2018.

Party Name Total Contributions Total Expenditures Total Cash On Hand Gifts and Honoraria Total PACs/IECs Notable Individuals
Democrat Dafna Michaelson Jenet (i)
$14,696.00 $1,604.95 $13,140.72
(Previous CoH: $49.67)
$13,286.00 COPIC Small Donor Committee (COPIC Insurance) - $2,000
Colorado Medical Society - $1,000
KC Becker Leadership Fund - $400
Garnett Leadership Fund - $400
Susan Frew (Managing Partner, Sunshine Plumbing, Heat & Air) - $400
Brian Pendleton (LA Fire & Police Pension Commissioner; founder, CauseForce) - $400
Wolf PAC - $250
Steve O'Dorisio (Adams County Commissioner) - $100
Republican Susan Kochevar
(Doesn't need to file report until 5/7/18)
Unaffiliated Edwardo Quinonez
(Already filed 5/7/18 report, though may be amended)
$0 $0 $0
Libertarian Jeff Wilson
(Doesn't need to file report until 5/7/18)


In accordance to Colorado law, electioneering of $1,000 or more is required to be reported if done within 30 days of a primary or 60 days of a general election (Source: Campaign Finance Manual via the State Secretary of State's office, page 33). Further, any donation to or expenditure by an IEC must be reported within 48 hours of receipt or payment (page 32).

Reports containing electioneering in 2018 will have windows between May 27th through the June 26th, and then again beginning September 7th through November 6th.

Gifts & Honoraria

Dafna Michaelson Jenet

  • Council of State Governments (Medicaid training) - $643
  • Bohnett Foundation - $300
  • Council of State Governments - $843
  • Gates Family Foundation - $11,500

Special Interests

Media Coverage

Election History

2016 Election

2014 Election

2012 Election