Special Districts

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Special Districts include districts such as Metropolitan, Fire Protection, Ambulance, Forest Improvement, Health Assurance, Health Service, Mental Health Care Service, Park and Recreation, Sanitation, Water, etc.

All Special Districts adhere by Title 32 within the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Special Districts can be formed anywhere at any time. A petition must be filled and filed to the proper District Court under whose jurisdiction the proposed Special District would be within. The petition must have collected the valid signatures of either 30% of registered electors, or no less than 200 registered electors, whichever number is smaller. Additionally a bond must be filed with the court in order to cover the expenses of the proceedings.

Special District Directors are paid positions, paid per each meeting attended.

Conduct of Elections

Elections are held in even years, the first Tuesday of the first full week of May. In 2018, Special Districts have elections on May 8th, 2018. Registered voters within Special Districts should be mailed notices of any District elections by January 15th of any given year, along with information pertinent to the district itself such as District meeting places and times, names and contact information of Directors, current mill levy rates, District tax revenue, etc.

Elections are overseen and conducted by the respective Board of Directors. The Directors are also free to reestablish boundaries of Director districts within the specific District (but not more than once every 4 years) to ensure even amounts of registered voters within each subdistrict.

Special Districts may, at their own discretion, use a ranked voting method.

Metropolitan Districts

In accordance to Title 32, Metropolitan Districts must serve at least two of these responsibilities:

  • Fire protection;
  • Mosquito control;
  • Parks and recreation;
  • Safety protection;
  • Sanitation;
  • Solid waste disposal facilities or collection and transportation of solid waste;
  • Street improvement;
  • Television relay and translation;
  • Transportation;
  • Water