Weld County RE-10J - Briggsdale

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Weld County RE-10J is the official designation of the Briggsdale School District



School Board

2017 Election

Sample Ballot here.


Ward Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
District B Leonard Krise Republican
District C Marlene Hale Unaffiliated Email

Campaign Finance

Ballot Measures

Ballot Issue 3B

"Shall Weld County School District No. RE-10J taxes be increased up to $645,550 in 2018 and annually thereafter by an amount that replaces the district's existing mill levy override that expires in 2017 and is up to thirty percent of the district's total program as provided by state law (as such term is defined in state law or any similar terms provided in any successor provision of state law), by the levy of property taxes for the district's general fund at a rate that will produce an amount up to thirty percent of the district's total program, to fund district operations including, among other things,

  • Recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers and staff for essential educational programs,
  • Replacing outdated textbooks and educational materials,
  • Reducing the teacher-to-student ratio so teachers can focus on students and their needs,
  • And providing preventative maintenance and upkeep to existing facilities and bus fleet,

Which taxes shall be deposited into the general fund of the district and shall constitute a voter-approved revenue change?

  • Yes/For
  • No/Against"

Arguments For

Arguments Against