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Welcome to Colorado Elections Project!

The Colorado Elections Project strives to be a place for voters to find non-partisan information about upcoming elections and to learn more about their government officials. However, some of the resources that we have used to build this project may be biased so our work is ongoing.

Upcoming Elections - Districts, Dates and Candidates

2018 Caucuses

2018 Spring Elections

2018 Fall Elections

Governments and Officials in Colorado

Information on government organization, current office holders and demographics.

Learn about the Colorado Elections Project

Our History

This is a volunteer-driven project by voters in Colorado to research and document all the elections in the state. We have researched school boards, city and county governments, as well as state and federal government positions.

It is difficult to find information on local elections, but our researchers have Googled, called, emailed and visited local clerks and election officials across the state and have published our research in the 2018 Colorado Elections Portal.

In 2017, the volunteers researched 1000 candidates running in more than 400 elections across the state.

How You Can Help

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