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Local elections often have a greater effect on our lives than the big national elections. All K-12 public schools are governed by local school boards that have great influence over our children's education. Most police, fire, and emergency services are provided by city or county governments. Despite their critical importance, most local elections have very poor voter participation and turnout.

Though this site cannot directly drive voter turnout, we believe that an informed electorate will be more active and make better choices. Our role is to make election information readily available to anyone looking for it.

There are over 500 election districts in Colorado at many levels including federal, state, city, county, school board, judicial and rural electric. We have divided our site into those main divisions.

Contact us to pass along info or to ask how to become a volunteer researcher.

Upcoming Elections - Districts, Dates and Candidates

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2019 Elections

2020 Elections

Recent Elections

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Governments and Officials in Colorado

Information on government organization, current office holders and demographics.

About the Colorado Elections project

Because civic knowledge is vital to our communities!

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