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This is a guide for new contributors to the Colorado elections project.

Elections to Cover

During the first part of the election cycle, we are learning more about candidates and will create pages for the congressional districts, the Colorado house districts, the Colorado senate districts, and school districts. There are pages for each city listing the candidates for office in that particular city in the elections section. The city pages will reference the larger districts that they are included in. In addition to the towns and cities, there are pages for counties that include candidates like sheriffs and county commissioners.

Currently, there are some priority districts that need more research.

Finding Candidate Information

A page has been created to help contributors learn how to find information about Colorado elections.

Finding Wiki Information

A wiki page can be edited by clicking the "Edit" tab on the top of the page and just typing in text. Wikis are formatted with a syntax known as Wiki markup. To learn more about Wiki markup, try editing some nicely formatted pages and looking at the markup used on those pages or read the documentation about Wiki markup.

Language to Avoid

Please avoid calling candidates "progressive" or"centrist" as these words mean different things to different people and do not provide unbiased information about the candidates. If you see candidates described this way, please strip the pages of the language.