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Indivisible Front Range Resistance (IFRR) is a citizen-led organization representing cities and communities along Colorado's Front Range.

IFRR is dedicated to:

  • influencing federal and state policy and elections
  • effecting positive, progressive change in local communities
  • providing rapid, sustained response to both the current White House agenda and Congressional legislation

Actions include:

  • visits to members of Congress (MoCs)
  • call and email campaigns
  • coordination with like-minded organizations
  • outreach to marginalized groups
  • peaceful participation in town halls and rallies
  • occasional aerial photography by drones (yes, drones!)

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It's important to remember we're all volunteers here, and we'are learning as we grow!

Democracy is work. Activism is often thankless. But we're already making a BIG impact in Colorado and beyond. We're in this together. Let's KEEP DOING this.

We ask that IFRR members to keep these values central to your actions and interactions:

  • Civility - Condemn all forms of volience and personal attack.
  • Vitality - Be assertive, deliberate, and consistent.
  • Integrity - Demand it of yourselves and your elected officials.
  • Reality - Deal in facts and facts alone.
  • Democracy - Respect, protect, and celebrate the democratic process.

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