Indivisible Front Range Resistance
Colorado Citizens Protecting democracy and quality of life for all

Indivisible Front Range Resistance Committees

Becoming part of the team that powers IFRR requires true dedication to the cause of democracy, plus the commitment of a small but reliable slice of your time. And it just might save the world. No joke.

Do you have 2-3 hours a week to devote to saving America? Can you work within a team structure and get real things done? Can you be a lead and guide others on the team?

Scroll through our committees below. If you want to join one, please email

Responsible for general oversight of the group, steering the group’s activities and decisions based on the Indivisible Guide principles. Most members are founding members. Provides expertise and/or resources to help guide and direct the group. Most advisory committee members are NOT IFRR members; they possess skills and expertise that can benefit the steering committee.
Standing committees are lead by one or more committee members. Committees meet regularly, either online or in-person, and have a set of ongoing responsibilities to the group.
Activities include web design/maintenance, tech-related communications channels like email; as well as appdev, tech security, and other IT-related support.
FB Admins
These are the “watchdogs” of our large FB site. They regularly vet new members, track flagged conversations and content that is questionable, set rules for the site behavior, ferret out trolls and moles, and welcome and orient new members.
This team writes press releases, responds to media inquiries, develops media lists for future use, and identifies members within the IFRR group at large who could be spokespeople. Also provides rapid response to news items and other publicity.
Social Media
Works on the IFRR twitter account, as well as on hashtag campaigns and other social media campaigns.
Tasked with outreach to vulnerable populations (POC, LGBTQ, etc) AS WELL AS “other side of the aisle” people in an effort to bridge the gaps and form a diverse coalition.
Works to connect with other local activist groups that share our mission (CAN, SURJ, etc), to find ways to collaborate on calls to action, campaigns, events, and other things.
State Legislation
Tasked with researching state-level bills and tracking progress, formulating calls to action on bills and activities that IFRR should respond to. Also tracks MoC activities as well as Governor activities, as well as election-related info.
Federal Research
Tasked with researching MoC whereabouts (events, town halls), as well as donations, bill stances, and also Senate and House bills to follow. Recommends calls to action to the group.