Indivisible Front Range Resistance
Colorado Citizens Protecting democracy and quality of life for all

About Indivisible Front Range Resistance

Who we are:

Using the Indivisible Guide as our inspiration, Indivisible Front Range Resistance (IFRR) rallies Colorado communities along the Front Range to protect, defend, and strengthen the the democratic values of participation, inclusion, diversity, equality, and opportunity.

What we want:

We demand good jobs, clean communities, safe water, affordable healthcare, renewable energy, public education, a free press, voter protections, human rights, and national security for ALL.

How we get it:

We advocate for progress through deliberate, consistent, and coordinated actions at the local and federal level, using firm pressure on our members of Congress and civil, peaceful discourse as our guiding principle.

Bottom line:

We believe in sane leadership, smart policy, and diplomatic responses in matters of foreign policy. We resist threats to our democracy and quality of life by the current administration or members of Congress. We are open to all who share in this mission, regardless of political affiliation.