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IFRR welcomes new members who share our mission and values. Submit your info below and we'll get back to you with a few questions.

For our Facebook group, we request that members:

  • Civil and constructive dialogue; mean-spirited remarks will be removed
  • IFRR reserves the right to remove posts that overtly or aggressively disparage a political viewpoint and/or do not provide an open, honest avenue for discussion. Posters may be asked repost and reframe their desired viewpoint in a more constructive way.
  • Posts should include FACTUAL sources only; no of posting unverified stories or stories based on hearsay, unless clearly disclaimed
  • No memes
  • No fundraising, unless approved by the steering committee
  • No disrespectful or derogatory language directed at our members of congress or other officials
  • We DO NOT allow the use of our name Indivisible Front Range Resistance (IFRR) to be used in the press without consent of steering committee
  • We DO NOT allow screen caps of posts or events, or sharing out of anything, from IFRR's facebook group
  • Do not invite others to the group unless you know they would like to join
  • Individual posts, opinions, or comments do not reflect the official stance of IFRR
  • If group members find a post that they question in any way, they should report it to admins by hitting the report spam button on the post
  • No doxxing of any public or private individuals (no sharing of addresses or personal information) - this will be grounds for immediate removal from the group