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Adams County 14 District Info

Students County Graduation Rate # of Schools Operating Budget Source
7467 Adams 64.2%
-14.7% to CO average
13 $66.3M
(See Source: Total Expenditures p. 173)
~ $8,881/student
~ $5.1M/school
+$3,581/student to CO average
2016/2017 FY Adopted Budget

  • For number of student, according to the 2016/2017 Adopted Budget, they budgeted for 7,058 funded students. The per pupil cost of the $66.3M divided by the actual figure of 7,467 is the $8,881 per student cost, as reflected above. The estimated per student cost would have been $9,396 with the 7,058 students.

Demographic Data from their website.

  • 83.5% Hispanic
  • 11.7% White
  • 2.6% Black or African American
  • 1.2% Two or more races
  • 0.66% American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • 0.29% Asian
  • 0.05% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Adams County 14 Superintendent

Name When First Voted In Salary Contract Ends Contact
Dr. Javier Abrego
(Cannot confirm affiliation)
August 1, 2016 (Cannot confirm) (Cannot confirm) 303.853.3204

Adams County 14 School Board

  • No Compensation
  • Term: 4 years; (Need confirmation on term limits)

District Name Party Next Election Contact 2017 Results
24.57% turnout (Adams County)
2015 Results
30.19% turnout (Adams County)
2013 Results
38.29% turnout (Adams County)
2011 Results
44.36% turnout (Adams County)
2009 Results
24.80% turnout (Adams County)
At-Large Connie Quintana Unaffiliated 2021 720-550-6699
Won with 29.05% X Won with 36.15% X
At-Large Bill Hyde Democrat 2021 720-253-3152
Won with 32.61% 1
1 (Incumbent voted out)
(resigned Sept. 2016 due to his arrest for attempted sexual assault with a 12 year-old)
(Joe Dreiling appointed 10/18/16)
Won with 36.24%
(Robert Vashaw)
At-Large Dominick Moreno
(Also State Senator, SD 21)
Democrat 2019 720-985-1132
X 1,2
1 resigned June 2018
2 Moreno filled the vacancy, while concurrently serving in the State Senate

(Election Cancelled)
X Won with 16%
(Larry Quintana)
At-Large David Rolla Democrat 2019
(Termed Out)
(Election Cancelled)
X Won with 16.02%
At-Large Harvest Thomas Democrat 2019 720-255-2865
(Election Cancelled)
X Won with 15.32%
(Mary Morton)

  • For Joe Dreiling's appointment in 2016, Connie Quintana and Timio Archuleta abstained votes for candidates. The other two candidates were Larry Quintana (appears to be a close relative due to having the same address as Connie Quintana) and was previously on the school board and termed out at the end of his term in 2015. The other candidate was Andrew LaCrue. Cannot find why Timio Archuleta abstained.

Expanded Historical Election Results

Winners bolded.

Ward 2017 Results 2015 Results 2013 Results 2011 Results
At-Large Bill Hyde 32.61%
Connie Quintana 29.05%
Joseph Dreiling 21.88% (incumbent)
Brian Josef Reichel 16.46%
(Due to having as many candidates as seats)
Robert Vashaw 36.24%
Connie Quintana 36.15%
Manny Gonzalez 27.61%
David Rolla 16.02%
Larry Quintana 16.00%
Mary Morton 15.32%
William J. Klocker 14.84%
Angel Anderson 14.69%
Michael Bryant 12.51%
Anita Mercado 10.62%

2016 Attempted Recall

A group within the community, Voz Catorce (Voice 14), lead the push to recall all 5 of the councilmembers: David Rolla, Connie Quintana, Timio Archuleta, Harvest Thomas, and Robert Vashaw.

It appears that former councilmember Mary Morton was/is part of the group, due to a few "likes" and posts on their Facebook page attributed to that name.

V14's first post was July 3rd, 2015.

V14 first pushed for the board to fire then-Superintendent Pat Sanchez, then-deputy superintendent Kandy Steele, and still current school district attorney Walter Kramarz starting in April 2016.

Sanchez ended up getting another superintendent job in California and exited his position in May 2016. Dr. Kandy Steele then became interim superintendent.

The Adams County 14 School Board unanimously removed Dr. Steele from her position, but voted 3-2 to keep Kramarz. David Rolla, Robert Vashaw, and Timio Archuleta voted to retain Kramarz.

Due to the retention of Kramarz, looming sanctions due to low performance, and the US Department of Education for Civil Rights agreeing with parents that there is systemic discrimination against Latinos in the district, the recall attempt began in June 2016.

The recall election did not take place. No further information can be found as to why, not even on V14's Facebook page.

Low Performance and General Controversies

  • April 2014, The US Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights released a damning report about Adams County 14 School District pertaining to creating a discriminatory environment for Lationo students and their parents (this despite 83.5% of their student body being Latino). The investigation traced back to 2010, with many noted instances of repeated refusals to cooperate.
  • February 2016, details about events leading to a June 2015 arrest of a former teacher at DuPont Elementary, Gilbert Trujillo, about sexually assaulting elementary children. It was revealed that school and district officials ignored complaints from parents, culminating in a letter from then-principal Kathy Heronema. In the signed letter, Heronema suggested to him that he could keep his job as long as he kept his "hands above a table" and no longer used the word "love".

He was found guilty in April 2017 and sentenced to 25 years to life on four felony charges. He did not attend his sentencing due to a self-inflicted injury.

  • July 2016, a lawsuit was filed by Robyn Mondragon (formerly Duran). After the scathing reports of discrimination by the US Department of Education for Civil Rights, part of Mondragon's job was to investigate and address complaints. She claims she was subject to discrimination by the district itself, and through that was ousted. She was represented by Joe Salazar.
  • April 2017, hundreds of student, parents, and community members staged a walk-out at noon at Adams City High School. They walked a mile from the school to the administrative building to demand for a new principal and more input into their own futures.

Local Special Interest Groups

2017 Election

There are 2 seats up for vote on November 7th, 2017. Both incumbents are eligible for re-election. One incumbent, Connie Quintana, had an attempted recall in 2016. Joe Dreiling was appointed in 2016.


(i) = incumbent
Ward Name Party Comment Contact
At-Large Connie Quintana (i) Unaffiliated Email
At-Large Joe Dreiling (i) Democrat Email
At-Large Bill Hyde Democrat Denver Area Labor Federation Email
At-Large Brian Reichel Democrat Teacher (according to record of a Adams 14 Executive Committee meeting)
Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Reproductive Rights, Health and Education Candidate

Campaign Finance