Agate 300

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Agate 300 Overview

  • Cities:
  • Towns:
  • Unincorporated Areas: Agate
  • County: Elbert County
  • State House: HD 64 (R)
  • State Senator: SD 1 (R)
  • Congressional: CD 4 (R)

Agate 300 School District Demographics

Students County Graduation Rate # of Schools Operating Budget Source

Agate 300 School District Superintendent

Name When First Voted In Salary Contract Ends Contact

Agate 300 School District School Board

District Name Party Next Election Contact 2017 Results
2015 Results
2013 Results
2011 Results
2009 Results
At-Large Laurie Dyson Democrat 2019 719-764-2741 X
At-Large Jenny MacLennan Republican 2021 719-764-2741 Won with 41.46%
(John D. Diller)
At-Large Jolene Chambers Republican 2019 719-764-2741 X
At-Large Doug Purdy Republican 2021 719-764-2741 Won with 38.75%
At-Large Kristina Nowak Unaffiliated 2019 719-764-2741 X


Expanded Historical Election Results

Winners bolded.

Ward 2017 Results 2015 Results 2013 Results 2011 Results
At-Large Doug Purdy 38.75%
Jenny MacLennan 41.46%

John D. Diller 19.78% (incumbent)

2017 Election


On November 7th, 2017, 2 seats are up for vote between 3 candidates, including 1 incumbent.

There are no ballot measures specific to this district.

Sample Ballot.

Ward Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
  Choose 2
At-Large Jenny MacLennan Republican Registered to TRACER under maiden name Bracht Email
At-Large John D. Dill (i) Unaffiliated
At-Large Doug Purdy Republican Neighbor to cattle raisers and assisted in saving them from a wildfire
Retweeted a picture of a red cap with "Make the Cattle Market Great Again"

Campaign Finance