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Arvada Demographics

Population Median Age Median Household Income Registered Voters Presidential Results (Jefferson County) Religion (Jefferson County) Poverty Cost of Living Index Median House Value Median Rent Race Age Education Foreign Born Marital Status Unemployment Air Quality Index

(Female: 51.4%)
(Male: 48.6%)
38.2 years

(+1.8 years to CO)

(+$10,758 to CO)
2016: Clinton 48.89%
Trump: 42%

2012: Obama 51%
Romney: 47%

2008: Obama 54%
McCain: 45%

2004: Kerry 47%
Bush: 52%
None: 64.3%
Catholic: 15%
Evangelical Protestant: 12.9%
Mainline Protestant: 4.2%
Other: 3.4%
Orthodox: 0.2%

Native American: 73.7%
Hispanic/Latino: 21.2%
Other Race: 15.1%
Black: 14.4%
Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander: 11.1%
White: 7.5%
Two or More Races: 6.9%

(+8.4 to US)

(+$8,700 to CO)
$1,022 White: 80.7%
Hispanic/Latino: 14.6%
Asian: 1.9%
Two or More Races: 1.6%
Black: 0.7%
Native American: 0.3%
Other Race: 0.07%
Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander: 0.03%
Older Adult 40-64: 36.1%
Children 0-17: 23.1%
Younger Adult 22-39: 22.2%
Senior 65+: 14%
College 18-21: 4.72%
Some College: 24.9%
High School: 24.4%
Bachelor's: 23.5%
Master's: 9.3%
Associate's: 8.7%
Some High School: 4.6%
Professional: 4.7%
Less than High School: 1.1%
Doctorate: 1%
None: 0.7%

(-4.8% to CO)
Now married: 51.3%
Never married: 29.4%
Divorced: 12.4%
Widowed: 5.9%
Separated: 1.0%

(-0.1% to CO)

(+32 to US)

Arvada City Council

Max of 3 consecutive 4-year terms. Pro Tem is selected by the Mayor and passed around amongst the City Council members.

Title Name Party Next Election
Contact 2019 Margin 2017 Margin 2015 Margin 2013 Margin 2011 Margin
Mayor Marc Williams Republican 2019 303-424-4486
X 24.1% (62%)
Dave Chandler 37.9% (Una)
(Offical Website)
(2016 Votes)
X 40.2% (61.5%)
Dave Chandler 21.3% (Una)
Dan Bidstrup 17.1%
District 1 Nancy Ford Unaffiliated 2021 303-325-3153
UNOPPOSED 9.1% (54.5%) 1,2
Jerry Marks 45.4% (Una)
1 Appointed incumbent lost
2 (Special Election)
(Rachel Zenzinger)
1 (Later resigned; appointed to State Senate 19)
2 (Jerry Marks appointed)
3 (Some controversy with secret ballot)
X 20.6% (53.6%)
(Rachel Zenzinger)
A.J. "Gus" Spano 33%
Robert C. Wolf 13.2%
District 2 Mark McGoff Unaffiliated 2019 303-423-5258
X 15.1% (57.5%)
Dave Palm 42.4%
X 9.9% (54.9%)
Cody McNutt 45%
District 3 John Marriott
Republican 2021 720-273-3912
UNOPPOSED X 8.1% (47.1%) 1
Ted Terranova 39%
Justin Vicory 13.8%
1 (Vicory dropped out due to cancer)
X 37.7% (68.6%)
Bob Fifer 31.1%
District 4 David Jones Republican 2019 720-889-8860
X 2.3% (51.1%) 1,2
Bob Dyer 48.8%
1 Incumbent Defeated
2 GOP defeated GOP
(Bob Dyer)
At-Large Bob Fifer Democrat 2019 303-929-4278
X 18.3% (46.8%) X 5.9% (52.9%) X
At-Large Dot Miller Unaffiliated 2021 303-885-2501
Won with 27.84% X 12.9% (56.4%)
(Don Allard)
X 1.1% (50.5%)
(Don Allard)

Expanded Historical At-Large Results

Winners are bolded.

Ward 2017 Results 2015 Results 2013 Results 2011 Results 2009 Results
At-Large Dot Miller 27.84%
Jim Whitfield 26.15%
Jordan Hohenstein 18.65%
John Malito 18.18%
Dave Palm 9.18%
Bob Fifer 46.8%
Kathy Drullard 28.5%
Carl Campanella 24.1%
Kathy Drulard 0.4% (misspell?)
TOTAL GOP vote: 53%
Don Allard 56.4%
Ascenzo Di Giacomo 43.5%
Bob Fifer 52.9%
Ed Tomlinson 47%
Don Allard 50.5%
Aaron Azari 49.5%

Previous Elections


2017 Arvada City Council Candidates
Ward Name Party comment Contact Questionnaires
1 Nancy Ford (i) Unaffiliated Unopposed Arvadans for Progressive Action
3 John Marriott (i) Republican Unopposed
At Large Dot Miller Unaffiliated conservative libertarian
Previous President of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce
Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Reproductive Rights, Health and Education Candidate
Website Arvadans for Progressive Action
At Large Dave Palm Unaffiliated Co-owner of Hackberry Hill Communications Website Arvadans for Progressive Action
At Large Jim Whitfield Republican Serves on the Apex Park and Recreation Board (3rd term, ending May 2018)
Denver Post coverage
Website Arvadans for Progressive Action
At Large Jordan Hohenstein Democrat Profession is in marketing and sales
Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Reproductive Rights, Health and Education Candidate
Website Arvadans for Progressive Action
At Large John Malito Republican Was on City Council previously
Pastor at Faith Bible Chapel
Denver Post coverage
Website Arvadans for Progressive Action
2017 Election Issues - Arvada
Seat Candidate Traffic/Transportation Economic Development/
Homelessness Government Issues City Infrastructure
Ward 1 Nancy Ford (i)
Ward 3 John Marriott (i)
At-Large Dot Miller "We need to widen streets and intersections before we build hundreds of homes." Supports the AURA/Trammell Crow deal. Bring together non-profits with government and law enforcement to address issue. Long-term solution likely involves affordable housing and improved access/coordination of services. Increase civic engagement through multiple communications streams (apps, email, phone, face to face) Increase infrastructure funding from $9.6M to $22M primarily by using budgetary surplus.
At-Large Dave Palm "FIX THE ROADS !!!" Favors abolishing AURA as well as other "Advisory" boards. TIF/PIF to require voter approval. No position described Executive sessions public, easier for citizens to put items on the ballot, create city ombudsman to help citizens interact with city, abolish AURA, limit or eliminate other advisory boards. No position described
At-Large Jim Whitfield Reduce congestion, "especially in the west" More "thoughtful" development "... improve the cooperation between the City, the County, the State, surrounding small government agencies, and local and regional non-profit and faith based organizations to provide support to those that are homeless." Supportive of smart cities, easier technological access to city services Plan infrastructure to meet development needs. Not allow development to outpace infrastructure improvements
At-Large Jordan Hohenstein Expand roads and sidewalks, safer pedestrian and bike access, improve public transit. Examine concerns about flooding, ADA, environmental oversight Limited use of Urban Renewal. Promote renewable energy development. Student loan deferment for entrepreneurs. Partner with non-profits, local organization, business, and faith based organizations to address concerns of the homeless community. Improve transparency, community involvement. Improve oversight for economic development schemes. Renewable energy investment, street and sidewalk improvements
At-Large John Malito In favor of completing Jefferson Parkway
"Believes the maintenance of our Arvada streets and sidewalks is vital to preventing a city full of potholes and deteriorating street surfaces and sidewalks."
Favors economic development efforts that encourages a "shop and buy in Arvada" philosophy.
"Supports business, commercial, and residential "revitalization efforts" throughout Arvada."
"Supports the need to address homelessness In Arvada through both temporary local emergency shelters and permanent regional homes." "Supports efforts to form a formal coalition with the business and faith based communities and neighborhoods organizations that meets with city council and staff to discuss issues and opportunities that affect the city." Maintenance of streets and sidewalks important.
  • Sources: Candidate websites, plus candidate questionnaires from Arvadans for Progressive Action.

Arvada Political Groups

Arvadans for Progressive Action is a grassroots group that empowers its community to take progressive action on local, state, and national levels.

Arvada for All the People is a local group that works for a government and community that respects and honors all citizens and that is open, honest, and accessible.

Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community is a local group mostly concerned with city infrastructure.