Byers 32J

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Byers 32J Demographics

Byers 32J Superintendent

Byers 32J School Board

2017 Election

On November 7th, 2017, despite having 3 candidates for 3 seats, the election will proceed. There will be two Ballot Measures specific to Byers School District.


(i) = incumbent
Ward Name Party Endorsement/Info Contact
Jeffery Bauer Republican Email
Donna Sauer Unaffiliated Jerry Sauer's wife
Ran previously in 2015
Charles Tucker (i) Democrat Email

Campaign Finance

Ballot Measures

3A - Eliminating Term Limits

Ballot Language

"Shall the present and future elected directors of the Byers School District be authorized to serve more than two consecutive terms of office, thereby eliminating the limitation on terms of office of Article XVIII, § 11 of the Colorado Constitution?"

3B - Reduction of School Board Members

Ballot Language

"Shall the plan adopted by the Board of Education of the Byers School District, which reduces the number of school directors of the Board of Education from seven to five, be approved?"