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Englewood School District 1 District Info

Students County Graduation Rate # of Schools Operating Budget Source
3000 Arapahoe 9 2016/2017 FY Adopted Budget
(Scant in info)

Englewood School District 1 Superintendent

Name When First Voted In Salary Contract Ends Contact
Dr. Wendy Rubin
(Registered Democrat)
Summer 2016 (Cannot confirm) (Cannot confirm) 303.806.2010

Englewood School District 1 School Board

  • No Compensation
  • Term: 4 years; 2 consecutive terms

District Name Party Next Election Contact 2017 Results
2015 Results
30.10% turnout (Arapahoe County)
2013 Results
37.14% turnout (Arapahoe County)
2011 Results
43.41% turnout (Arapahoe County)
2009 Results
31.05% turnout (Arapahoe County)
At-Large Tena Prange Democrat 2021 (720) 384-3626
(Election Cancelled)
(Gene Turnbull)
At-Large Sharon Scheminske Republican 2019 (303) 669-7501
X Won with 34.61% X Won with 35.03%
(Vicki Howard)
At-Large Kevin Ebert Republican 2019 (303) 719-9900
X Won with 33.81% X Won with 33.48%
(Thomas J. O'Connor)
At-Large Jen Hubbard Democrat 2021 (303) 324-4162
Won with 31.58%
(Jason Sakry)
X Won with 31.5%
(Duane Tucker)
At-Large Caty Husbands Democrat 2021 (303) 328-7929
(Election Cancelled)
(Scott Gorsky)

Expanded Election Results

2017 Results 2015 Results 2013 Results 2011 Results
Jennifer Hubbard 25%
Tena Prange 24.05%
Caty Husbands 23.05%
Todd Fahnestock 15.74%
Carl Montegna Jr. 12.18%
Sharon Scheminske 34.61%
Kevin M. Ebert 33.81%
Dagan Thomas 31.58%
ELECTION CANCELLED Vicki Howard 35.03%
Thomas J. O'Connor 33.48%
(Cliff) Duane Tucker 31.50%

  • 2015 election still proceeded even though there were only 3 candidates for 3 slots.
  • But 2013 election was cancelled with only 2 candidates for 2 slots. Incumbent Gene Turnbull was a third candidate running, but he passed away 2 months prior to the election.
  • Yet 2011 elections proceeded despite 3 candidates for 3 slots.
  • Cannot find useable info or results on the 2009 election, but can ID who assumed one of the two open seats--Gene Turnbull. Can feasably presume Scott Gorsky won the other seat.
  • The was some musical chairs around 2009. Apparently Gene Turnbull, Scott Gorsky, and Michelle Gonzalez each were incumbents going into the 2013 elections, even though only two seats in the regular rotation were up. One may have been a special election, but cannot tell for certain.

Local Special Interest Groups

Previous Elections



3 At-Large seats are up for vote. Jason Sakry, who is eligible for re-election, is not running.

(i) = incumbent
Ward Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
At Large Todd Fahnestock Democrat Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Reproductive Rights, Health and Education Candidate Email
At-Large Jennifer Hubbard Democrat Anti-Voucher (Source: Hubbard) Email
At-Large Carl Montegna Jr. Republican Anti-Voucher (Source: Montegna) Email
At Large Catherine "Caty" Husbands Democrat Email
At-Large Tena Prange (i) Democrat Anti-Voucher (Source: Prange) Email

Former Candidates

Ward Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
At-Large Richard Emmelhainz Unaffiliated Owner of ChurchPartner.com and PrivateSchoolPartner.com Email