Hoehne RE-3

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Hoehne RE-3 Demographics

Hoehne RE-3 Superintendent

Hoehne RE-3 School Board


Failed Audits

In 2011, Hoehne RE-3 had the lowest audit score. This was blamed due to a large drop in property values (from which mill levies are attached to by a fixed percentage) in combination with property tax bills that went delinquent due to nonpayment.

2017 Election


Ward Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
At Large Cameron Cummings (i) Democrat Email
At Large Jennifer Sanchez McDonald Unaffiliated Email
At Large Marvin Price (i) Democrat Email
At Large Ryan Coberly Republican Staff Field Coordinator at O&G Pioneer Natural Resources Email
At Large Steven Larson Democrat Email
At Large Amy Navarette Republican Email
At Large Jarrod Tortorelli Republican No TRACER Filing, but previously ran in 2013 Email

Campaign Finance