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Littleton Demographics

Population Median Age Median Household Income Registered Voters Presidential Results (Arapahoe County) Religion (Arapahoe County) Poverty Cost of Living Index Median House Value Median Rent Race Age Education Foreign Born Marital Status Unemployment Air Quality Index

(Female: 52.3%)
(Male: 47.7%)
42.6 years

(+6.2 years to CO)

(+$10,251 to CO)
2016: Clinton 53%
Trump: 39%

2012: Obama 53%
Romney: 45%

2008: Obama 56%
McCain: 43%

2004: Kerry 47%
Bush: 51%
None: 66.6%
Catholic: 12.1%
Evangelical Protestant: 11.2%
Mainline Protestant: 4.9%
Other: 4.6%
Orthodox: 0.3%
blackprotestant: 4.9%

Native American: 35.0%
Other Race: 18.6%
Black: 18.1%
Hispanic/Latino: 18.0%
Two or More Races: 16.4%
White: 7.8%

(+1.1 to US)

(+$93,051 to CO)
$1,109 White: 81.3%
Hispanic/Latino: 11.7%
Two or More Races: 2.4%
Asian: 2.1%
Black: 1.5%
Other Race: .5%
Native American: .09%
Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander: .09%
Older Adult 40-64: 35.7%
Younger Adult 22-39: 22.1%
Children 0-17: 21.3%
Senior 65+: 16.4%
College 18-21: 4.5%
Bachelor's: 28.7%
Some College: 25.2%
High School: 18.3%
Master's: 11.3%
Associate's: 7.5%
Some High School: 3.0%
Professional: 2.3%
Doctorate: 1.7%
Less than High School: 1.5%
None: 0.4%

(-2.2% to CO)
Now married: 49.7%
Never married: 28.9%
Divorced: 14.6%
Widowed: 5.7%
Separated: 1.1%

(-0.2% to CO)

(+32 to US)

Littleton City Council

Term Limits: 12 consecutive years
All offices are 4 years, except one At-Large and the appointment of mayor
It appears that whomever receives the second-highest At-Large win percentage, receives the 2-year seat
Mayor is elected by the council for two-year terms
Mayor will be bolded
Cronyism, special interests, and Doug Clark keeps coming back
Only ONE liberal elected since 2009
Many races are either unopposed or entirely conservative.

Title Name Party Next Election
Contact 2019 Margin 2017 Margin 2015 Margin 2013 Margin 2011 Margin
District 1 Bill Hopping
(Patrick Driscoll, incoming)
(Flipping from Unaffiliated to registered Republican)
2021 303-809-3053
13.76% (56.88%)
Kama Suddath 43.12%
19.70% (59.80%) 1
(Bill Hopping)
Brenda Stokes 40.1%
1 Special Election
(Randy Stein)
(Resigned over voters wanting a say in property development)
(Talks of recall)
(James A. Taylor)
District 2 Jerry Valdes Republican 2019 720-774-4055
X UNOPPOSED X 9.9% (54.9%)
James C. Boone 45%
District 3 Phil Cernanec
(Carol Fey, incoming)
(Flipping from registered Rep to registered Dem; though Fey was part of a Sunshine Boys slate, "We 3")
2021 720-774-4055
11.46% (52.28%) 1
Phil Cernanec 40.82%
Steven Esses 6.91%
1 GOP incumbent defeated by Dem
(Phil Cernanec)
X 23.3% (61.6%)
(Phil Cernanec)
Travis Nicks 38.3%
District 4 Debbie Brinkman Republican
Sunshine Boy
(later left group) see Blog post below
2019 720-224-1314
X 5.1% (52.5%)
Carol Brzeczek 47.4%
Michael Elbeck was on the ballot but withdrew
At-Large Bruce Beckman
(Karina Elrod, incoming)
(Remains with registered Republican)
2021 303-347-9141
Won with 26.23% X Won with 32.2%
(Bruce Beckman)
Won with 37.9%
(Bruce Beckman)
At-Large Doug Clark
(Kyle Schlachter, incoming)
(Flipped from registered Rep to registered Dem)
2021 303-798-3594
Won with 25.61% Won with 34.7%
(Doug Clark)
Won with 29.9%
(Bruce Stahlman)
X Won with 43.6%
(Bruce Stahlman)
At-Large Peggy Cole Unaffiliated
Sunshine Boy
2019 303-795-9552
X Won with 39.1% X Won with 39.7% Won with 41.5%

Expanded Historical Election Results

Winner bolded.

Ward 2017 Results 2015 Results 2013 Results 2011 Results 2009 Results
At-Large Karina Elrod 26.23%
Kyle Schlachter 25.61%
Doug Clark 24.63% (incumbent defeated)
Carol Brzeczek 23.53%

Special Interest Groups

"Sunshine Boys"

Sunshine Boys is an "anti-growth grassroots activist group that considers itself a government watchdog" and [ "known for its skepticism of the city government’s accountability and advocacy for limited growth"].

News Articles & Blogs about "Sunshine Boys":

Your Littleton - Your Vote / Littleton Views

Your Littleton - Your Vote Blog

Carol Brzeczek ran against incumbent Debbie Brinkman in 2015 and subsequently lost. Appears she made the bulk of contributions of postings to the blog. Brzeczek is once again a candidate in 2017, this time for one of the two At-Large seats.

Brzeczek also has a blog called Littleton Views, which is current and had its first post October 1st, 2007.

Littleton Awake

Group and blog began in June, 2016 as a response to the firing of the city manager.

Home Page Littleton Awake

Debbie Brinkman leaves "Sunshine Boys" Blog - Littleton Awake

2017 Election

The city is divided into four districts Map

Four seats on Littleton's seven-member city council are up for vote in 2017:

  • District 1 is represented by Bill Hopping, who has decided not to run for re-election.
  • District 3, is represented by Phil Cernanec, who will face two challengers this year.
  • Two at-large seats are up, with four candidates in the running. Doug Clark will seek another term.


On November 7th, 2017, a total of four seats will be up for vote: Wards 1 and 3, and 2 At-Large seats (one four-year term and one two-year term--the lowest of the top two will gain the two-year term seat). Only incumbents running for re-election are Doug Clark, who received the two-year term At-Large seat in 2015, and Ward 3's Phil Cernanec. Ward 1 incumbent Bill Hopping filed his candidacy 8/14/17, ultimately withdrawing it on 8/28/17.

(i) = incumbent
Seat Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
1 Patrick Driscoll Republican Account executive for Paramount Residential Mortgage Group
Member of Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association
Treasurer of Colorado Association of Mortgage Professionals
The Littleton Business Chamber
Littleton Fire Protection District, local 2086
Metro Housing Coalition PAC
Mayor Thomas Feldkamp, Bow Mar, CO
Realtor Candidate PAC
1 Kama Suddath Democrat email
3 Steven Esses Republican email
3 Phil Cernanec (i) Republican email
3 Carol Fey Democrat Running as the We 3 Slate with Carol Brzeczek and Doug Clark
Attends "Sunshine Boys" meetings
  At Large = 2 Vacancies
At Large Karina Elrod Republican Candidate Announcement Blog
Member of Littleton Invests For Tomorrow (LIFT)
Member of the Economic Development Advisory Board of the South Metro Chamber of Commerce
2017 Littleton Leadership Academy participant
Previously chair of the Littleton Planning Commission
Patricia Cronenberger, 1997-1999, Littleton City Council
Dennis Reynolds, 1993-1997, Littleton City Council
Susan Thorton, 1989-1993 & 1999-2003, Littleton City Council
James P. Collins, 1979-1983, Assistant and Interim City Manager
Littleton Police Officers Association, Lodge 26
Littleton Firefighters Association, Local 2086
Littleton Business Chamber
Mark Rudnicki, Architect
Andrew Graham, Clinic Service Corporation
Vicky Kirkland, A Wagging Success
Greg Reinke, Reinke Brothers, Inc.
Carrie Moore, The Peace Cellar
Gail Keeley, Historic Littleton, Inc.
At Large Carol Brzeczek Republican Associated with the "Sunshine Boys"
Running as the We 3 Slate with Carol Fey and Doug Clark
State Rep. Susan Beckman
Corbin Sakdol, Former Arapahoe County Assessor
Steve Ward, Former Colorado State Senator
Jose Trujillo, Former Littleton City Council Member District 2
David Black, Sheridan City Council Member
Leah Burkett, Citizen and Property Owner across from The Grove
Nancy Sharpe, Arapahoe County Commissioner
Kathleen Conti, Arapahoe County Commissioner
Laurett Barrentine, Englewood City Council Member
Rita Russell, Englewood City Council Member
At Large Doug Clark (i) Republican Sunshine Boy
Running as the We 3 Slate with Carol Brzeczek and Carol Fey
At Large Kyle Schlachter Democrat Candidate Announcement Blog
Littleton Fire Fighters Association, Local 2086
Littleton Police Officers Association, Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 26
South Metro Denver Realtor Association, Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC)
Metro Housing Coalition Political Committee
8 Former Littleton Mayors
Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Reproductive Rights, Health and Education Candidate
Employee of CO Dept of Agriculture’s Colorado Wine Industry Development Board
Chairs the Littleton Invests For Tomorrow (LIFT) urban-renewal authority
Previously president of the Steeplechase III homeowners association
Member of the inaugural Littleton Leadership Academy
Kent Bagley, former Littleton Planning Commission Chair & RTD Board Member
Flo Bullock, former Littleton Public Schools Educator
Margi Clute, former
Littleton Historic Preservation Board Chair
Amy Conklin, former Littleton Council Member
Pat Cronenberger, former Littleton Mayor and Council Member
Karen Kaplan, former Littleton Public Schools Board Member
Stew Meagher, former Littleton Council Member
Susan Thornton, former Littleton Mayor and Council Member
Jim Collins, former two-term Littleton Mayor and Council Member
Steve Werges, President, Littleton Business Chamber
Greg Reinke, President, Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants Association

Campaign Finance

This Littleton Independent article has an excellent breakdown.

2017 Election Issues

Sources: Candidate websites, this article, and candidate forums.

Seat Candidate Growth Business Development Emergency Services Affordable Housing Misc.
Ward 1 Patrick Driscoll “I think about Boulder and their 1 percent growth. None of us, at least not me, could afford to live there. The average home is a million dollars. We're trying to look to the future. We want our kids to be able to live in this community. We have to look at additional growth.”
“Change is going to happen. I’ve already accepted that. I want to be a part of that solution. It’s a difficult topic—pro-growth or a small community. I want both. … If we’re losing opportunities to the neighbors to the north and south, that disturbs me. I don’t want to be a flyover.”
“City council has been saying no to a lot of things over the past couple years, and I'd like us to start saying yes. I want to let people know Littleton's open for business.”
“Also, I want to look at the Santa Fe corridor — not just what the Sterling Ranch buildout will mean, but how should we develop that stretch? How do we enhance or parlay what we did with Breckenridge Brewery to create a place businesses want to move to?”
"Littleton Fire Department and emergency rescue teams have financial concerns that have been ignored for too long." "The home shortage and affordable home options are high on everybody's list."
Ward 1 Kama Suddath “If you ask people how much growth they want, they'll say none. What people say, that I've heard, is they want good redevelopment. We need to follow zoning regulations or update the ones we don't like. That requires a plan and a vision.”
“We’re going to grow. It’s inevitable and it happens. We need as a city and a community to grow in a way where we still love walking Downtown Littleton.”
Ward 3 Steve Esses "I haven't talked to many people who want more growth. They want to preserve what we have. The growth has to be done with lots of careful thought. Some of our traffic and congestion problems will be monumental.”
Ward 3 Phil Cernanec (i) “What do we do to create thoughtful growth? It starts with the conversations I've had on people's doorsteps — what's the Littleton of your dreams? It goes from there to creating planning documents we can all live with. Folks are looking for things that are exciting or add to our quality of life.”
Ward 3 Carol Fey “The purpose of zoning laws is predictability for citizens and developers. Littleton runs on exemptions and exceptions, so no one knows what to expect. That causes upset. My solution is to follow the zoning law until you change it.” Programs which preserve and improve quality of life
Responsible spending of our tax dollars and surplus
Making space for citizen input on city issues and business
At-Large Karina Elrond “It's about quality, not quantity. When we think about small town character, that means our historic downtown, and our neighborhoods. It doesn't mean growth changes those things. It can mean adding vibrancy to other areas.” "Supporting policies that foster a business-friendly environment to attract new business and sustain the infrastructure needed for our existing businesses to thrive." "Supporting initiatives and solutions that maintain the highest level of police and fire services."
At-Large Carol Brzeczek “We all moved here for the small-town character,” Brzeczek said. “We'll lose it if we accommodate all that growth. You can be better without being bigger."
“If we continue to grow at 1 percent a year, we will double in size in 70 years. We’re landlocked. … It’s going to have to be high density. We will lose [our small-town character] if we have to accommodate all this new growth.”
At-Large Doug Clark “We need to decide how much more we want to grow,” Clark said. “There's an idea that if you're not growing, you'll die. But there are three cities close to us — Columbine Valley, Cherry Hills Village and Bow Mar — that are healthy without growth.”
“There’s obviously an effect on quality of life [with poor-quality development]. But pure quantity affects the traffic, the congestion, the amount of use of parks and open space and all sorts of things.”
Controlling spending and keeping taxes and fees low while providing the necessary and appropriate level of government services
At-Large Kyle Schlachter “But I wouldn't say I'm pro growth. I'd say we need to dictate and manage growth and change. Frankly, there's so much divisiveness, fear and anger about the future, and I think we need to focus on what brings us together, what makes us proud, and talk about a holistic approach rather than individual buildings.” Fiscal Responsibility
Improved Communications
Entrepreneurial Government
Preserve Littleton's Values

Ballot Measures

TABOR ballot measures 2C and 2D City Website and City Fact Sheet

South Suburban Parks and Rec ballot measures 4B and 4C SSPRD Website

Ballot Issue 2C

Without creating any new tax or increasing any current taxes, shall the city of Littleton, Colorado be authorized to retain and spend all taxes, grants and other revenues received in 2016 in excess of limitations established by Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution, using such excess existing revenues only for capital projects to include some or all of the following uses and allocations depending on the availability of funds, with all provisions of Article X, Section 20, of the Colorado Constitution remaining in effect, including voter approval of any new tax, tax rate increase or additional debt?


1. Pavement improvement initiative - residential streets 2. Bowles avenue and federal boulevard intersection safety upgrades total project estimate using excess existing revenues $1,937,904.

  • Yes/For
  • No/Against

Ballot Issue 2D

Without creating any new tax or increasing any current taxes, shall the city of Littleton, Colorado be able to:

i. Retain and spend in 2017 and thereafter all revenues equal to the 2016 revenue total: and ii. Adjust 2016 revenue total each year thereafter for inflation as provided by Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado constitution: and iii. Adjust 2016 revenue total each year thereafter for the percentage change in local growth as provided by Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution and adjusted by the qualification or disqualification of enterprises and debt service changes as provided by Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution with all provisions of Article X, Section 20, of the Colorado Constitution remaining in effect, including voter approval of any new tax, tax rate increase or additional debt?

  • Yes/For
  • No/Against