Manitou Springs 14

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Manitou Springs 14 Demographics

Manitou Springs 14 Superintendent

Manitou Springs 14 School Board

District Name Party Next Election Contact 2017 Results
2015 Results
2013 Results
2011 Results
2009 Results
At-Large Steve Weimer Republican 2019 X
At-Large (Natalie Johnson, incoming) (Flipping from registered Rep to registered Dem) 2021 Won with 28.10%
At-Large Sonya Teigen Democrat 2019 X
At-Large Todd Nagel Unaffiliated 2019 X
At-Large Tina (Christina) Vidovich Republican 2021 Won with 21.79%

Expanded Historical Election Results

Winners bolded.

Ward 2017 Results 2015 Results 2013 Results 2011 Results
At-Large Natalie Johnson 28.10%
Christina Vidovich 21.79% (incumbent)
Jack Sharon 18.96%
Anna H. Lord 17.32%
Jonathan T. Dooley 13.83%

2017 Election

On November 7th, 2017, 2 seats are up for vote between 5 candidates. 1 incumbent is running.

There are no ballot measures specific to the district.

Sample Ballot here.


(i) = incumbent
Ward Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
  Choose 2
At Large Natalie Johnson Democrat Email
At Large Christina Vidovich (i) Republican Email
At Large Anna Lord Democrat Email
At Large Jonathan Dooley Democrat Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Reproductive Rights, Health and Education Candidate Email
At Large Jack Sharon Republican No TRACER Listing

Campaign Finance