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Poudre R-1 Demographics

Poudre R-1 Superintendent

Name When First Voted In Salary Contract Ends Contact
Sandra Smyser
(Registered Unaffiliated)
2013 $225,280
  • Latest pay bump is equivalent to increases in teacher pay.

Poudre R-1 School Board

Email to the entire school board.

District Name Party Next Election Contact 2017 Results
2015 Results
2013 Results
2011 Results
2009 Results
A VACANT 2019 X 1
1 (Kipp resigned to fill vacancy for State Rep for District 52)

(Cathy Kipp)
B Nate Donovan Democrat 2019 970-213-9200
C Kristen Draper Democrat 2021 970-237-1549
30.58% (65.29%)
John Clarke 34.71%

(David Trask)
D Christophe Febvre Democrat 2021
E Carolyn Reed Democrat 2021
F Rob Petterson Unaffiliated 2019 970-218-7722
G VACANT 2019 X 1
1 (Gutowsky resigned to fill vacancy on Fort Collins city council)

(Susan Gutowsky)

Previous Elections


On November 7th, 2017, 3 seats are up for vote (Districts C, D, and E). Two incumbents running are unopposed, so have been automatically re-elected (Febvre and Reed, of Districts D and E respectively). District C is a race without an incumbent, between challengers John Clarke and Kristen Draper.

There are no Ballot Measures.

Sample Ballot here.


(i) = incumbent
Ward Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
District C John Clarke Republican See below for more info Email
District C Kristen Draper Democrat Endorsed by Cathy Kipp and David Trask
Endorsed by fmr. Congresswoman Betsy Markey
Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Reproductive Rights, Health and Education Candidate
District D Christophe Febvre (i) Democrat Automatic Re-Election
District E Carolyn Reed (i) Democrat Automatic Re-Election

John Clarke

  • The Coloradoan Op-Ed, 11/2014. Worked on a campaign to defeat a fracking moratorium in Loveland
  • The Coloradoan Op-Ed, 10/2017. In comments section, Clark denies working as an O&G Lobbyist "I spent about 3 months working on a campaign to defeat a fracking moratorium in Loveland, I am not a paid lobbyist for the oil and gas industry!"
  • Facebook profile. Friends include:
  • Ken Clark, Regional Director of the Convention of States Project, which advocates for a Constitutional Convention.
  • Debbie Healy, Assistant to the President and Regional Development Director of the Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT and pro-life organization.
  • Randy Coporon, 2012 alum of Leadership Program of the Rockies; has a blog at the Arapahoe Tea Party.
  • Angela Dougan, Grassroots Director for Americans for Prosperity (Koch).
  • Julie Williams, recalled JeffCo School Board member and pro-reform.
  • Frank McNulty, major donor to reformer candidates in school board races such as DougCo, JeffCo, and Thompson. Founder of lobbying and campaign consulting firm Square State Strategy Group.
  • Nancy Rumfelt, director of Liberty Watch (archive from January 2017) and pro-reform (conservative coverage, on a blog written by pro-reform, pro-gun group Independence Institute).
  • Donna Rice, on Thompson R-2J School Board (up for vote in 2017, but she isn't filed). A pro-reformer, endorsed by Liberty Watch in 2013.
  • Kitty Wild, Tea Party Patriot (page cached). Trump supporter. Independence Institute connections.
  • Evelyn King, a mentor through the Thompson School District, yet is heavily critical of the district, especially of teachers. In a pro-Trump group on Facebook.
  • Dustin Zvonek, Regional Director for Americans For Prosperity, previously the director for the state of Colorado.
  • Amy Oliver, Executive VP at Independence Institute.

Ed Haynes

  • Registered Agent of Clark's TRACER Filing.
  • Former Larimer County GOP Chair (1999-2007). Resigned to serve an 18-month mission in Canada for his congregation.
  • Facebook profile
  • Member of Facebook groups such as: I support reform for Thompson (pro ed-reform for Thompson R-2J), Coloradans for Real Education Reform, I support Donald Trump, Hillary For Jail, I AM THE TEA PARTY!, The Tea Party, American Majority, Breitbart, Obama is the Worst President in US History, Americans For Prosperity - Colorado, Leadership Program of the Rockies, Citizens United, Energy Citizens (pro-offshore drilling), Atlas Shrugged The Movie, Stop Amnesty, The New Resistance (a conservative group that makes fun of anti-Trump resisters), Alliance Defending Freedom (group for Christian theocracy)