Swink 33

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Swink 33 Demographics

Swink 33 Superintendent

Swink 33 School Board

District Name Party Next Election Contact 2017 Results
2015 Results
2013 Results
2011 Results
2009 Results
At-Large Bob Bamber Republican 2019 719-688-7797
At-Large (Fred Grantham, incoming) Republican 2021 Won with 32.59%
At-Large Shannon Wallace Democrat 2019 419.469.9920
Won with 47.54% 1
1 (2-year seat)
At-Large (Ky Davis, incoming) Republican 2021 Won with 28.57%
At-Large (Lyn Neve, incoming) (Flipping from registered Rep to registered Unaffiliated) 2019 Won with 52.46% 1
1 (2-year seat)

Expanded Historical Election Results

Raw Table

Ward 2017 Results 2015 Results 2013 Results 2011 Results
4-Year Seat Fred R. Grantham 32.59%
Ky Davis 28.57%
Roscoe (Rocky) Mueller 24.55%
David Cobb 14.29% (incumbent)
2-Year Seat Lyn Neve 52.46%
Shannon Wallace 47.54% (incumbent)

2017 Election

There are 4 open seats on the 5-body board. Two seats are 4-year terms; 2 seats are 2-year terms.


(i) = incumbent
Ward Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
4-Year Seat Fred Grantham Republican Email
4-Year Seat Roscoe Mueller Democrat Email
4-Year Seat David Cobb (i) Republican Email
4-Year Seat Ky Davis Republican Email
2-Year Seat Lyn Neve Unaffiliated AUTOMATIC WINNER Email
2-Year Seat Shannon Wallace (i) Democrat AUTOMATIC WINNER Email

Campaign Finance