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Widefield 3 Demographics

Widefield 3 Superintendent

Widefield 3 School Board

2017 Election

On November 7th, 2017, 4 seats are up for vote. All 4 incumbents are running, with no challengers.

There are 2 ballot measures specific to the district.

Sample Ballot here.


Ward Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
4-Year Term Susan Waller-Graham (i) Republican AUTOMATIC ELECTION Email
4-Year Term Charron Schoenberger (i) Democrat AUTOMATIC ELECTION Email
4-Year Term Theresa Watson (i) Unaffiliated AUTOMATIC ELECTION Email
2-Year Term Neil Nelson (i) Republican AUTOMATIC ELECTION Email

Campaign Finance

Ballot Measure

3A - Mill Levy Override

"Shall Widefield School District NO. 3 taxes be increased $3.5 million in 2018 and annually thereafter by an amount that, when combined with other taxes previously approved by district voters in 2002 for the district's general fund, equals ten percent of the district's total program as provided by state law (as such term is defined in state law or any similar terms provided in any successor provision of state law), by the levy of property taxes for the district's general fund at a rate that will produce an amount equal to ten percent of the district's total program, to fund district operations including, among other things:

  • Recovering a portion of cuts in state funding to enhance district stem, reading, writing, and math programs,
  • Recruiting and retaining high quality teachers and staff,
  • Reducing class sizes and sustaining innovative academic programming,
  • Covering operating costs related to a new school facility for pre-k through 8th grade, and
  • Ensuring that students have access to expanding technology?
  • Yes
  • No

Arguments For

Arguments Against

3B - General Obligation Bonds for Upgrades and Repairs

"Shall Widefield School District NO. 3 debt be increased $49.5 million, with a repayment cost of up to $89 million, and shall district taxes be increased by up to $3.6 million annually for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, refinancing, repairing and improving district capital assets including, among other things:

  • Making district-wide repairs and improvements to school buildings taking into consideration community input at each school,
  • Building a new pre-k through 8th grade school in the eastern part of the district,
  • Upgrading computer and internet technology at all schools,
  • Adding surveillance cameras and life-safety systems to enhance student security,
  • Reducing the number of students in trailer-like portable classrooms,
  • Renovating auditoriums at Widefield High School and mesa ridge high school,
  • Repairing or replacing outdated electrical components and systems in schools,
  • Upgrading the district's aging school bus fleet, and
  • Refinancing existing district lease obligations,

By the issuance and payment of General Obligation Bonds which shall bear interest, mature, be subject to redemption, with or without premium, and be issued at such time, at such price (at, above or below par) and in such manner and containing such terms, not inconsistent with this ballot issue, as the board of education may determine; and shall ad valorem property taxes be levied without limit as to the mill rate to generate an amount sufficient in each year to pay the principal of, premium if any, and interest on such debt and to fund any reserves for the payment thereof?

  • Yes
  • No"

Arguments For

Arguments Against