Sheridan 2

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Sheridan 2 Overview

Sheridan 2 Demographics

Students County Graduation Rate # of Schools Operating Budget Source
1538 Arapahoe 75.9%
-3% to CO average
(not incl. SOAR)
~ $10,321/student
~ $4.67M/school $3.736M (incl. SOAR)
+$5,021/student to CO average
Adopted Budget 2016/2017
  • Biggest child poverty rate gap between two shared borders of any school districts in the country. Between this school district and Littleton Public Schools. LPS has more favorable metrics; Sheridan has less favorable metrics.

Sheridan 2 Superintendent

Name When First Voted In Salary Contract Ends Contact
Patrick Sandos
(Registered Democrat)
2018 $160,000 plus benefits and expenses (Starting salary) June 30, 2020, plus 1-year extension 720-833-6617

The 2018 search for a superintendent was fraught with controversy and uncertainty, reflective of the base issues within the school board itself (having only 4 members, with the 5th seat being open for more than a decade, plus concerns from the community about rapidly changing demographics not being taken into consideration, and whether or not the district is on the right track with the longtime members saying the district was).

Support in terms of demographic representation consolidated behind Antonio Equibel, with at least one board member (Stange) expressing a preference for Equibel.

Newly appointed 5th member, Juanita Camacho cast the deciding vote to approve the hiring of Sandos.

  • Previous Superintendent:
    • Michael Clough
    • (Registered Democrat)
    • Served 2008-2018

Sheridan 2 School Board

  • No compensation
  • Terms are 4 years; 2 consecutive
  • All are elected At-Large, despite representing districts.
  • Sheridan Board and Administrative Policies
  • No direct contact infomation given for individual board members.

Email for the entire board: Phone for entire board: (720) 833-6991

District Name Party Next Election Contact 2017 Results
26.57% turnout (Arapahoe County)
2015 Results
30.10% turnout (Arapahoe County)
2013 Results
37.14% turnout (Arapahoe County)
2011 Results
43.41% turnout (Arapahoe County)
2009 Results
31.05% turnout (Arapahoe County)
A Daniel C. Stange Unaffiliated 2021 10.40% (55.20%) 1
Ron Carter 44.80%
1 (GOP incumbent defeated)
(Was vacant 2007-2018)
Juanita Camacho Republican 2019 1,2
1 Not on ballot, despite vacancy
2 Vacancy filled by Camacho April 2018
1 (No candidates)
C Sally Daigle Democrat 2019 4.82% (52.41%)
Karla L. Cuevas Flores 47.59%
6.02% (53.01%)
Doreen Christian 46.99%
D Karla Najera
(Appointed 2017)
(Diana Halp)
(Diana Halp)
E Bernadette Saleh
(Appointed 2005)
(Ed. note: How not in violation of state statute?)
Democrat 2021 3.40% (51.70%)
Indira S. Guzman-Sais 48.30%

  • Cannot find 2015 or 2013 results, or information on cancellation or why.

Struggling Performance

Local Special Interest Groups

Previous Elections


On November 7th, 2017, all 5 seats are up for vote. Districts A, C, and E are for a 4-year term; Districts B and D are 2-years.

There's discrepancy on District B. The district website says B is up for vote, however the sample ballot does not have District B listed (despite its perpetual vacancy since 2009).

The following is listed in order of how the names appear on the ballot.


(i) = incumbent
Ward Name Party Endorsements/Info Contact
District A Daniel Stange Unaffiliated Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado Reproductive Rights, Health and Education Candidate Email
District A Ronald Carter (i) Republican Email
District C Sally Daigle (i) Democrat Email
District C Karla Cuevas-Flores Democrat Email
District D Karla Najera (i) Democrat UNOPPOSED Email
District E Bernadette Saleh (i) Democrat On board for 12 years (appointed in 2005) Email
District E Indira Guzman-Sais Unaffiliated Email